Estonian Independence Day Best Dressed

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A few days have passed since Estonia celebrated Independence Day on the 24th February. It is a big day for Estonians. All day there are different programs on television and people celebrating, while Estonian celebrities attend the Presidential Ball. This last one is very exciting for me of course, because I like to see what they wear.

I am going to start with my favourite, Mai Palling. This is an absolutely beautiful dress by Estonian fashion designer Riina Põldroos from  Embassy of Fashion. Embassy of Fashion Atelier is a brand created by three renowned and award-winning Estonian fashion designers. Aldo Järvsoo, Riina Põldroos and Ketlin Bachmann. This romantic red dress was also presented in Tallinn Fashion Week, Fall 2013.

Another dress by Riina Põldroos that caught my eye was worn by Kairi Sester. This light yellow colour with red flower flame pattern is lovely and it makes her look so youthful.

Another very talented fashion designer from Embassy of Fashion Aldo Järvsoo designed the dress Tiina Tauraite is wearing. I like this red colour, silky top and fluffy bottom. Very feminine.

I also liked Estonian singer Hendrik Sal-Saller and his wife Berit. Her dress is made by Ketlin Bachmann from Embassy of Fashion. I love this blue colur and lace on the arms.

I love Tiina Talumees and all of her collections. This year Maris Jesse was wearing this cute blue flower pattern dress. Simple design, but goes well with Estonian colours.

Sandra Hommuk is also wearing one of Tiina Talumees dresses. I absolutely love it - such a modest look but at the same time, something different to see on the Estonian 'red carpet'

Ülle Lichtfeldt looks stunning in her black long sleeved dress. It is just perfect for this kind of occasion. Elegant, I might even say very royal.


This strong pink dress is designed by Ülle Suurhans from Pohjanheimo. Urve Palo wore this dress on the same occasion in 2008.


Estonian poet Kristiina Ehin had her dress made of 90 year old fishnet. She said that when saw these old fishnets in Käsmu Meremuuseum (Käsmu Maritime museum), she already had pictured the dress in her mind. This dress was put together from reused materials in Salong Manna Couture by Marika Normet.


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