Black, grey and white

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Finally, Spring has arrived in Manchester and I had the chance to wear something lighter than my parka. I already mentioned this tweed coat in the last post I made about my Sheinside order. When it first arrived I was a bit disappointed. I ordered a size S, though I should probably have gone with a size bigger as it looked more like a blazer/cardigan on me. It has 3/4 sleeves and is made from a very light material. Now after wearing it outside I've realised it is definitely something I need in this kind of weather.
Bag is Lorbac which is actually quite vintage, as it was given to me by my mum. I've loved this bag since I was little. It is a cute, small size. I love black leather bags. The scarf I am wearing is also my mums -  this is my favourite scarf. I like the simple grey colour and curtain-like material.
Please don't mind my hair colour, I am trying to grow this dark dye out. And a little note - it was very windy today near the canal, so my hair is going everywhere!


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  1. I have a suggestion if you want to strip your hair colour (as I am changing it often). You can simply wash out all the dark dye (or most of it) by using colour b4 after a cleansing shampoo (or washing liquid - differs only in price). You will need to re-hydrate your hair after the treatment, but it isn't that bad. If you choose to try it you must follow the instructions really carefully and it will work!

  2. Very classical cut, love the bag:)

  3. I love your outfit, reminds me in a really lovely nostalgic way of the 90's :)!