Melissa + Campana

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I found my new crush! These rubber flats look really comfortable and are just super cute.

Brazilian footwear label Melissa has been producing its trademark “jelly" shoes since 1979. Manufactured by footwear giant Grendene, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of sandals, they have become one of the country’s most successful and best-loved brands.

To celebrate their 25th birthday, Melissa approached Brazilian design duo Fernando and Humberto Campana to create a new range of shoes and bags in their signature style.

They had already used the technique, which they call “zigzag", to create a range of furniture items, such as chairs, stools and screens, with loosely-woven seats backs and surfaces. The same process seemed appropriate to mould “jelly" shoes, since the resulting fabric has numerous gaps that would allow air to circulate around the feet.


They have created 6 amazing styles for Melissa. You can get them in different colours as well!




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