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Saturday, March 01, 2014

I made a Sheinside order a few days ago - I'm super excited and can't wait until it arrives. I'll probably have to wait 2 or 3 weeks but I thought I'd make a post and show you guys what I'll be getting. 

First item is a Beige Sleeveless Drawstring Floral Sundress I absolutely fell in love with. It has a beige front and black back. I also like that the back is a few centimetres longer and that it is made from a very light material - perfect for warm weather. Beautiful floral pattern.

Another dress I'm getting is a White Sleeveless Embroidery Pleated Chiffon Dress. My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Australia and when I saw this dress I imagined how cute it would look on the beach. I've never had a maxi dress, mostly because I am a bit funny with long dresses. I think it is just something in my head, but I can't imagine myself wearing long dress unless I am somewhere near the water.

The third item I got myself is a Mint Green Lapel Double Pocket Longline Wool Coat. What I really like about Sheinside is that buyers can show how the item looks and how to wear it. So after checking all the pictures, I decided to buy it as well. The price was also tempting - £26! Amazing! Description for it says  that it is suitable for winter but I think it could be used in spring too, as it is a very light colour.

I have ordered from Sheinside before and bought this Black Long Sleeve Pockets Tweed Coat for £18. I haven't had the chance to wear it as it is more for warmer seasons - spring, autumn or maybe even summer when it is a bit chilly in the evenings. You definitely have to consider it when you live in the UK. It has blazer sort of look, darker buttons and a round collar which I also like a lot.

I hope I won't be disappointed and everything meets my expectations!

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  1. I love the wool coat and second dress! Very chic!