A night out

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Yesterday Tristan and I celebrated 2 years together. He took me out in Manchester to Smoak which is a Bar & Grill place. Food was very nice and atmosphere was great!

I wanted my look to be very simple, but at the same time still formal and feminine. I picked out this dress I bought about a year ago. It is the second time I am wearing it. Dress is from Love Label and it is a lovely 'Midnight Blue' beaded satin shift-style dress. It is a bit short, but I think with black tights it looks good and its length is not so noticeable. RRP £69


Like I said the food was delicious and we had a such a great time. I got myself pan-fried sea bass with some green salad. By the way, this huge tomato is from Tristan's plate. He is a bit picky with vegetables, so I always end up eating all of the 'healthy' stuff.

As you can see Tristan's plate is pretty empty. He got Angus steak with chips.

And we both had chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream for dessert. 

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  1. Sul on nii imeilus, puhas ja klaar nahk!

    1. Tänan! Nüüd olen tõesti rahul tulemusega. Mul läks päris mitu aastat, et näonahk kontrolli alla saada.