Jewellery box

Sunday, April 13, 2014

It is time to take a look inside my jewellery box!

I don't wear many accessories during the winter. Why? Maybe because I am all wrapped up and it can be so annoying when earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so on get caught on the extra clothes. But now that spring has arrived, it is time to take all of my accessories out and start wearing them!



I had actually forgotten how much I had in this box - it was such a surprise. It felt like I had just bought them again!

I found loads of hair clips and hairbands, which were all ordered from eBay. I don't think I have paid over £5 for any one of them (postage and packing included). They came from China and like everybody knows, it takes about a month for them to arrive!


This peacock hair clip is my favourite. I have worn it a couple of times and I can't really complain about the quality. It actually looks like it is worth a bit more than the £2 I paid.



I love these two hair clips. They look absolutely gorgeous and this dark orange colour is so eye catching.



And here is a picture of how they look from behind.

I also like accessories made of wood. It them a simple but funky kind of look.

These are two wooden colourful earrings I also bought from eBay. They are handmade earrings from Bali, Indonesia.

These wooden hand carved fishy earrings are my favourites! I like the detailing on them and colours are very sharp. Rainbow colours! They are also very light to wear and I can barely feel them on me.


These yellow pair of wooden earrings are almost like antiques! I bought them over 6 years ago from Estonia and they are still look beautiful! I think this is the advantage of wooden jewellery. They do not fade and get ugly. 

I continue my love for a sea theme with these two pairs. I have been wearing them a lot. They are small, cute and light. I usually wear them more on a casual night out, as they complete my outfit with originality.


A few months ago there was a big vintage sale in Manchester that I couldn't attend. My friend went there instead and I asked her to pick something up for me. Thank you, Marianne! I am super happy about this golden brooch. It is just so cute and me.

I had absolutely forgotten about this silver box chain necklace with pendant. I do not believe much in birthstones, but it is just a lovely piece and I think it's great to know that it should go with your personality.

And my last necklace was given to me by my mum. I think it is from Yves Rocher. I still like it and it is something I would definitely wear.

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    1. Aitäh! Jaa need värvid kaladel püüab pilke!