Favourite meals

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I haven't been to gym for a while now and kind of strayed from being healthy and eating properly. Also a couple of weeks ago I had a tooth ache, which killed my motivation for running on the treadmill. I am now trying to get back to my healthy lifestyle and I will describe my eating habits and how I plan to get back to my diet.

I'll start with my Cottage cheese and radish salad. It is my own recipe I made up by following my diet. It basically contains cottage cheese, radish, green onion, boiled egg and greek yogurt/natural yogurt. It is super healthy and sometimes I also add crab sticks, which makes this salad even more tasty.

I usually eat this salad in the mornings, as it is full of fats and gives me a lot of energy. It also keeps me full so I don't get hungry so quickly. I noticed that having fruit salads in the morning does not keep me going as long as eating foods high in protein. 


I also love salmon and rye bread with tea. Rye bread is so much more healthy than white bread of course.


Another favourite. It is lamb kebabs with rice. Very easy to make and a good healthy portion.


This is one of my favourite meals ever and is always cooked by Tristan. He is doing the best steak ever and I totally enjoy these evenings when he is cooking for me. It is steak on bread with curly chips and bacon sauce. Yes, it is not super healthy but I think it is fine to have this kind of meal once in every one or two months! I think that the key to being more disciplined about your diet is to allow yourself a little treatment sometimes. I have been breaking my rules so many times and for me this works better when I know that I have something to look forward to after my hard work.

Chicken schnitzel with tomato sauce and rice. Immediately this makes you think - how can schnitzel be healthy? The meat is coated with flower, egg and bread crumbs and then fried - but I have a simple answer! Chicken or turkey are the best to choose out of all meat because they are low in fat but high in protein (and also low in calories). I do not fry my schnitzel but instead cook it in the oven without any oils. Perfect!

Fruits and ice cream! Sounds amazing right!? I use this vegan ice cream on top of my fruits just for a little extra and the word ice cream makes it a bit more naughty, even though it is much more healthy. It basically contains only water, agave syrup, cashew nuts and cocoa powder - alternative version for dairy ice cream. It does taste very cocoa powdery but I kind of like this raw and different taste.


Grapefruit, pear and vanilla yogurt. I love the strong taste of grapefruit but I like adding a bit of pear and other soft fruits for a bit more variety.


This is chocolate cheesecake Tristan and I made. We love baking and especially making desserts. This recipe is taken from this website but we changed some of it. We also topped it with whipped cream.

So this was a little post about my favourite meals. If you are interested specifically about any of the foods and how I prepare them, leave me a comment below and I will make a post about it.

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