Love Me Beauty May - Edition 3

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Each month I have been thinking of cancelling my Love Me Beauty box subscription but each time a new edition comes out I want it straight away! I have noticed that my favourite from all of the menus has been the last one. For three months in a row I have been choosing Edition 3.


I am going to start with the British handcrafted organic skincare brand Suti. The packet is lovely, very elegant and it really gives a good impression of the product.

Here is a little description about each of them from the card:
The 'Cleanse Balm' draws out impurities cleanses the skin of dirt, pollutants and make-up.
The 'Purity Balm' soothes and cocoons the skin with its incredibly pure and potent botanicals, also contains a natural healing and skin strengthening formulation.

The 'Fabulous Foot Balm' is a rich and nourishing foot balm to help rehydrate and revive chapped, tired and aching feet. 

'Cleanse balm' is massaged into damp skin and removed using a warm damp muslin cloth to get silky smooth skin. RRP for 50ml is £28. This cleanser contains blended avocado, apricot kernel, sunflower and shea butter, which helps to protect and remove dead skin cells. The avocado and olive oil helps soothe and calm inflammation and calendula helps heal and tighten up the pores.

I am very interested in this product and really am happy to try out this tiny sample. It is organic and contains loads of different oils and ingredients.

'Purity Balm' is a gentle balm for the face and body. RRP for 50ml is £23. With its naturally healing, skin-strengthening formulation, Purity protects delicate and exposed areas from environmental extremes and skin-aging pollutants. It contains sunflower, sesame and apricot kernel to nourish and protect; shea butter, chamomile and calendula to help calm and soothe irritated, inflamed and blemished skin and lavender to rejuvenate and revive tired complexions. Purity Balm melts straight into the skin, delivering intensive, vitamin-rich goodness just where it’s needed, without leaving an oily residue. Perfect for face, neck and other parts of the body in need of intensive moisturisation and protection, such as lips, elbows and knees.

Fabolous Foot Balm is a luxuriously rich and nourishing foot balm for tired and aching feet. It melts straight into the skin and nails to deliver soothing, intensive nourishment. RRP for 50ml is £16.50. It contains olive oil and peppermint, which leaves to rejuvenate the skin and calm soreness. Eucalyptus and lemon cools, cleansing and deodorises; avocado and carrot to nourish and quench; calendula and pumpkin seed to soothe soreness and stimulate skin cell regeneration.

Raw Skincare Natural Lip Balm in 'Rescue Me' is a moisturising and soothing lip balm, which also calms sore dry lips and forms a protective barrier to allow the skins natural healing process restore lips. RRP £2. I have already been using it a couple of days and I really like it. I've used Nivea products before but they give me a weird metallic taste to my mouth. This one I thought feels very natural and does a perfect job.

And another nail polish from Nail Girls. Mine is the Nude Pink colour and I am looking forward to using it. RRP £13.50, which is quite expensive for a nail polish. 

These lovely pocket notebooks by GO Stationery are a lovely set of 3 in a 'Meadow Bird' theme. They are soft covered and really handy to just pop in the handbag for scribbles. I love the theme, it is very springy and the colours and patterns are so cute! RRP £5. They are unlined and feature 48 pages each.

And at last Tea Pigs tea in 'Super Fruit'. I love fruity tea. I've already tried it and I can definitely say it is my cup of tea. It has a rich flavour and a sour taste. I don't like tea with sugar, it ruins the taste for me. RRP £0.65 per tea bag. 


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