Smartly dressed by the canal

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The canal is my favourite place for pictures. The lighting is just so good near the water and the trees give a bit of shadow. There was nice weather outside today, which made me dress more lightly. I made my look quite smart. I felt comfortable and very feminine.

I am wearing my Betty Jackson.Black white silky top from Debenhams and Mary Portas snake skin smart ankle trousers from House of Fraser. These trousers look amazing, I love them but in the pictures it is hard to see how they really look. They have this deep ocean blue colour, a bit shiny as well because of the material and the print. 

The bag is my latest vintage purchase. I bought it from the Manchester Vintage Kilo Sale this month. I posted about it here if anyone is interested.

My shoes are from Urban Outfitters. I just love them! I think they go with every outfit. I have worn them with jeans, dresses, skirts, smart trousers... basically with everything and they look so beautiful.

A cute doggy was wandering around and I quickly took a picture! Such a good pose. He is a fashionista.

These are a few pictures I took inside to better see the detailing on my clothes.

My necklace is from Jane Norman.

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