A fun day at the lake

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tristan and I finally had finally a weekend together after so many weeks of working. We decided to enjoy the English countryside and took a train to Smithy Bridge, which is about a 20 minute train journey from Manchester. It is a really nice hilly area with a beautiful lake, cute houses and little shops. 

It was a nice warm and sunny day so I wanted to wear something really light. I got this dress from Sheinside. It is first time I am wearing it, even though I bought it back in February. It is such a lovely printed dress and is absolutely amazing for this kind of weather. I am wearing this dress quite loosely, as you can make it more tight or loose in the middle.

I am waiting on another order from Sheinside and I will definitely make a haul post of the items I get. They are mainly for summer, so it's exciting and hopefully I have a chance to wear them as well.




And here are some of the pictures of what this place looks like! I love the boats and the fun atmosphere. At the centre is Hollingworth Lake, which I was surprised to learn has not always been there! It is man made, built as a main water source for Rochdale Canal. With huge help from the railway, Smithy Bridge developed as a big tourist attraction. And it certainly still is. 

And here is my new friend Zeus. 

Typical England. At least once a day you see a horse. As transport. 

And here we are, modelling our Ray Ban sunglasses. 

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