Ready for a festival!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

This outfit has been inspired by the Wilderness Festival, which takes part every year in summer. I have never been to this festival but have so many times wanted to get tickets. One day, though! 

I think black goes with any outfit - you can go everywhere dressed in black. I thought to add a bit of colour with my backpack, which has a bit of white lace so I paired it with white shoes as well.

My black see-through top is Rise and I love it. It is such a great piece to have and it is so summery. I am wearing my Primark crop-vest type bra underneath, which almost gives this top another layer. Also of course I am in love with the bottom part of the top - beautiful lace/crochet detailing. 

My black jeans are from Zara. The material and quality are both very good. I also like the brown zip detailing on the pockets. 

My bag is from SwankySwans, I posted about it last here

My white lace shoes are from Topshop and I think they match my bag perfectly. 

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