Shoe shopping and 1 year of blogging

Monday, June 30, 2014

Recently I went to Primark and got new shoes. Yes, ballerinas. I love flat footwear and I think they go nicely with every outfit. I've worn out a few Primark pairs now, so I thought I would get some more.

I really like these earth colour brown flats with a lovely cut out design. I paid £8 for them, which is quite a reasonable price for Primark shoes. Under £5, shoes don't last over a month, I have had a few bad experiences.

Another pair I bought - these black ballerinas with golden detailing. They were £6, I think.

And here I am wearing both of them.

Also bought some nice slippers. I really like Primark slippers, they are so soft and comfy. £3

A year ago in June I started my blog on Tumblr. I have been enjoying it so much and I am glad I am still blogging today. Here is the very first post I made on Tumblr: mustelalutreola

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