Taking my exams with confidence and in comfort

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Today I had my Russian language GCSE exam at Manchester College. I was so nervous, as I usually am with these things. I have not had an exam and haven't studied anything for about 3 years, so it was quite nerve wrecking. It was an exam on reading and listening which ended up being really simple. I studied Russian at school in Estonia, so I knew much more than my classmates before starting this course.

After the exam Tristan picked me up and we went for a little walk in a park. 

I wanted to be as comfortable as I could in the exam so I was wearing my H&M tweed dress and Topshop lace shoes. Of course the weather is amazing at the moment so I had to take the chance. It is nice to dress up a bit - it gives you so much more confidence and made me feel very good. 


My bag is vintage and I bought it from a car boot sale. It is my absolute favourite. It is real leather, still very good quality and the size is just perfect.

 Here is a picture of closer detailing on my dress. 

 When I came home from my exam there was a lovely surprise waiting for me. 

And the dinner Tristan made me yesterday. I can say I have been spoiled. 

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