A quick Sunday shop

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Today I went for a little shopping trip to Boots as well as TK Maxx and picked up some bits and pieces. 


This New CID Cosmetics shine Lip Gloss with Mirror was ordered from Amazon a couple of days ago but I really wanted to talk about it here in this post. Amazon has this amazing sale on at the moment and many brands have an 80% discount, so I had to get this lip gloss for just £1! The real price is around £15. My colour is Moonstone. It is very light but I mainly want to just use it on my lipstick. I remember when I was younger I always prefered lip gloss over lipstick. Now I just can not wear lip gloss alone, as it feels a bit too sticky on my lips.



My hair is not in the best condition at the moment. I basically have to wash it every day, as it feels oily, dirty and heavy. My scalp is also a bit ichy sometimes and I think my hair condition is just out of balance. I have tried to change shampoos as often as I can but I haven't noticed any change. I thought I would try something local before buying Australian Bodycare Treatment Shampoo, which is perfect for oily hair and ichy scalp. Anyway I found this OGX Argan Oil & Shea Butter Shampoo. Shea butter has a moisturising effect and balances hair and scalp while weightless argan oil restores luster and shine, giving silky smooth strands and (even though my hair is not curly) softens natural curls for hydrated perfection.

OGX products use a unique blend of sulfate free surfactants. They do not contain lauryl or laureth sulfates and are paraben free.

I got this Nip + Fab Viper Venom Eye Fix from the March Love Me Beauty box and I absoloutely loved it! I had to buy a new one as I lost it a couple of weeks ago and I really missed it. I love the cooling roll-on applicator and refreshing feeling it gives around my eyes. It also has minimising LIFTONIN and SYN-AKE to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. Red Algae Extract reduces the look of dark circles for a radiance boosting effect, while Syn-ake works to smooth skin and Liftonin provides an instant tightening effect. I can't live without it anymore!


I finally bought my first Real Techniques Brush. I have been dreaming about them for a while and as I needed a new blush brush anyway, I thought I would go with this lovely egg-shaped make up brush. Pink is for finishing off the look with powder, blush or bronzer. The Real Techniques Blush brush will define and contour cheeks. The quality is absoloutely amazing. I am so happy!


Botanics Cotton Wool Pads are the best cotton pads - soft, gentle and non fleecing. These pads are suitable for everything and are ideal for applying lotions, creams (such as cleansers) and liquids (such as eye make up remover and nail polish remover). They are 100% organic and on their cotton they don't use synthetic chemicals or pesticides. 


I have wanted to buy some weights for a while now and as I am doing more excercising at home I thought I would get something compact and easy to use. So I went for these Bally Total Fitness 3-Pound O Ring Wrist Weights and paid only £6 for them (RRP £20). 

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