Fighting with the rain

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

This is me wearing quite light clothes, even if it is raining every 30 minutes and it is only 15 degrees outside. I have to stay positive and fight against the rain with my pink and light blue outfit.
I just put my coat and jumpers at the bottom of my closet, as I was absolutely sure that summer had finally arrived in England and I can start to wear more dresses and skirts. Yes, now you know why Brits talk so much about weather - it is changing all the time!

Anyway, Tristan and I went to visit Manchester Central Library, which opened a couple of months ago after being closed for around 4 years (from 2010-2014) for renovating and refurbishing. I don't have a picture of how it looks from the outside, as there is still some constuction work taking place and it is leaving a big mess around the library.

I am wearing black animal print trousers from Zara and light blue pinstripe sailor blazer from Primark. My denim lace backpack is from SwankySwans. My two-tone (silver and gold) watch is from Rotary.












And here we having our favourite Mac before going to library. It is basically across from the library, so we just couldn't resist!

This is how the library looks from the inside.

I just had to take a picture of the Manchester Town Hall.

And the footpath in front of it. 

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