Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My outfit in these pictures was inspired by the Estonian flag (blue, black and white). It made me immediately think of the beginning of July, when Estonia celebrated The 26th Estonian Song Celebration and 19th Dance Celebration ''Touched by Time. The Time to Touch''. The tradition of the song festival was born along with Estonian national awakening (the path towards independence). The first national song festival was held in Tartu in the summer of 1869. Estonians continued the tradition and The Estonian Song Festival has been held every five years in the Estonian capital of Tallinn. I really hope to go next time! 

This floral skirt was ordered from Sheinside last month and it is my favourite skirt at the moment. I paired it with my blue silky shirt from H&M. I haven't worn this shirt in a long time - I think I do this with my clothes all the time. I buy something really nice, wear it a few times and then it is just sitting in my wardrobe until I find it again!

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