DIY Macrame bead and pendant bracelet

Monday, August 11, 2014

It has been a while since I last touched my bead-box. I love crafts and especially making bracelets. A couple of days ago I finished my Macrame knot beaded bracelet. I chose white beads as the blue crystal pendant is already quite noticable and I like my bracelets fairly simple and modest.

For the bracelet I have used:

  • White and Blue Crystal Evil Eye Charm
  • Miyuki size 6 Seed Beads in Matte Crystal
  • 40m reel, 1mm Nylon / Knotting Cord

I start securing my Evil Eye pendant with a single knot.

The next step is adding the beads. How many you use depends how long you want the bracelet to be - mine has 8 beads on both sides. 

To start with I make a 'normal starting knot' before the real Macrame knot.

I have four cords hanging from the pendant. My left cord goes under the (2) middle cords and also under the right cord. My right cord goes on top of the (2) middle cords and inside the left loop. I pull on both cords to tighten the knot. After that I continue the same way but I start from the right side, so the cord on the right goes under the middle cord and also the left cord, and the left goes on the top on the middle cords and into the right loop.

To add a bead I slide it up to the last knot. The Macrame knot continues the same way as before but when tightened, knot cords will 'hug' the bead.

When I have finished with both sides I make my bracelet adjustable with the same technique using the Macrame knot as a closure. Any hanging cords I just hide inside the closure. Lastly, I add the letter initial beads to the end of my adjustable cords and make sure it fits around my wrist.

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