Tuesday, September 30, 2014

After almost an entire 24 hours of flying, Tristan and I have finally arrived in Australia. The flight was so long and tiring, I was uncomfortable the entire time I was on the plane. I couldn't get sleep, my legs were tired and sore and the plane food was not amazing. One good thing - I got to see Maleficent and The Fault In Our Stars. I have been meaning to watch them for so long! 

Our trip starts with Sydney. We arrived from Perth on Monday evening at around 10pm. We had a booking at the Marriott Harbour Hotel and were too tired to do anything else but shower and sleep once we got to our room. On Tuesday morning we got up quite early at around 8am to get the most from our day. We were mostly walking near the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, also wandering around a bit away from the water, more in the city. I got some amazing shots and I will share them here:




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