What's in my holiday wash bag?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I like 'what's-in-my-bag' type of posts as I am always curious as to what other people carry with them. This post will be about the beauty products I brought with me on my 3 week holiday in Australia. I didn't need any of this on the plane, so all of this stuff was in my checked-in bag. At first I thought I'd buy new products when I landed in Australia but I eventually decided I would be better off using the many products I had already!


  • Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 40ml - I love hair treatments! This pre-shampoo conditioning treatment is good to use to boost up my hair. This treatment should be left in hair for at least 20 minutes or more, so it is best used when having an relaxing evening.
  • Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray 200ml - I love this salt water! It gives just the right texture, which makes my hair look much thicker. It also doesn't make my hair too dry and stiff and gives the amazing feeling of beach wet hair!
  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream 50ml - This is one of my favourite moisturisers. It is a good tool for every problem skin might experience on a holiday - minor burns, sunburn, windburn, scrapes, abrasions, cracked lips, dry hands, cracked cuticles and nails, chapping/peeling/flaking skin, etc.
  • Wild Ferns Facial Scrub 100ml - This is my favourite scrub! This scrub opens my pores and cleans them thoroughly. It removes oil deposits and helps to prevent pimples, making my skin healthy looking, silky smooth and soft.
  • Nougat London Limited Sparkling Body Shimmer Cherry Blossom 100ml - I hate when moisturisers feel sticky and heavy but this one is so light and fresh. The shimmer is there (not excessively), just enough to give the skin a healthy glow. It also makes my legs seem slimmer!
  • Mitchell and Peach Body Cream 40ml - This body cream contains honey, organic cocoa and shea butter which is very gentle on the skin. As it is very light and quickly absorbed, the non-greasy texture is perfect for hot weather.
  • Redken Colour Extend Conditioner 25ml - This treatment is for coloured hair. I am growing my dark brown hair out so I've still got coloured ends. I don't think using this is going to cause me any problems with growing out my colour as you are meant to condition your ends anyway! I got it from one of my beauty boxes a few months ago, so I think it is time to use it up now.  
  • Riemann P20 10 Hours Protection SPF30 Sunscreen 200ml - This sunscreen dries quickly and offers 10 hour sun protection with just one application. It is also water resistant - up to 80 minutes.
  • Acca Kappa Body Lotion Green Mandarin - A sample size cream for hydrating my skin. It is easy to carry around and quickly absorbed. I love the scent.
  • BlanX Classic Whitening Toothpaste 100ml - I can't live without this toothpaste - it is gentle on my teeth and it also has a natural whitening effect.
  • SunSense UK Daily Face SPF 50+ 10ml - It has an oil-free base which is ideal for combination and oily skin types. Even though this face cream is SPF 50 it doesn't have a thick or greasy formula. I was not a fan of this on holiday as it felt awful on my skin.
  • Gilchrist & Soames The London Collection Shower Gel 45ml - This was just enough to last me on my trip, I didn't need to bring anything bigger! It has an amazing scent.
  • Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil - This would have been great for using in the bath, however unfortunately we didn't have a bath in our hotel room.
  • Seanik Shampoo Bar by Lush - This shampoo is so easy to carry around and perfect for travelling. It takes up so little space and also lasts for a long time! It contains solid seaweed, sea salt, lemon, Irish moss gel (made from bushy red seaweed) and Japanese nori seaweed. The scent is very tropical and it also contians mimosa, jasmine and orange flower essential oils.

I also took these samples with me as they were light and easy to carry in my bag.


Everything I brought with me I packed up in my Dermoshop toiletery bag, it kept all of my beauty products organised and together tightly so nothing broke!

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