Favourite foods - September/October

Saturday, November 08, 2014

I love shopping at Unicorn Groceries. They sell organic food - fruits, vegetables, fresh bread and wide variety of cooking ingredients (grains, nuts, dried fruit, spices, etc). I am trying to eat as healthy as possible, so I try to shop there at least once a month. I really like their rye bread - it is almost the same as it is in Estonia! I am also a big fan of their houmous and corn pasta. These three are always on my shopping list.

I am loving these Nākd Bars at the moment. My favourites are cocoa orange, cocoa mint and banana bread. 

I've been having lots of greens next to my evening meals. Sometimes I am only having very simple dinners, no grains or big chunks of meat. Boiled duck egg, crab sticks, raddish, salad and some feta cheese cubes make a really tasty dinner! I like to keep it minimal.

These Broccoli and Feta Fritters are my new favourites! I found this recipe here and again they are so easy to make. I included canned tuna in my batter, as it needed to be a bit thicker.

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  1. Yummy....eriti head tunduvad need asjad ju :P

  2. looks yammy...I love to cook!