Keppel Island - Our holiday in Australia

Thursday, November 13, 2014

If you need a holiday, a day away or just a little break - Great Keppel Island is an amazing place to go! Great Keppel Island lies 15 kilometres off the coast from Yeppoon in Central Queensland. The island has a long history - it was discovered and named by James Cook in 1770. Great Keppel Island is also called Wappaburra which means 'resting place'.

Great Keppel Island is a perfect tropical getaway - turquoise waters, beautiful beaches and many holiday activities. The island is also part of the Great Barrier Reef, which makes it an amazing opportunity for tourists and anyone else who wants to discover a bit more about marine wildlife. The Great Barrier Reef is part of a Marine Park, meaning it is protected from damaging activities with some areas of the park strictly regulated.

We took part in the Coral Cruise tour, which we spent the duration of on a glass bottom boat. It was really cool! We got to know a bit more about the reef, saw corals and fish. I have never seen such crystal clear water in my life! The tour was about an hour long, so we had a rest of the day free. We spent 6 hours on the island - I think it was enough time to explore, lie on the beach, swim and look for sea shells. I've included a little video I filmed on the tour - at the end you can see me looking for sea shells.

Fish feeding


On the beach I wore my Triangl (Chloe) bikini in Arizona Sunset. I love Triangl so much! The quality is just amazing, perfect stitching and no loose threads. It's like wearing a wet suit (fabric is neoprene) but it still feels comfortable on the skin. This pastel neon orange colour is quite eye catching and I think it is a good match with the blue sky and the ocean.

My white dress is from Grace & Mila and it looks fantastic with my bikini. It is perfect for the beach as it is so light and loose. I love the little lace/croche detailing and how simple it looks!

Great Keppel Island Glass Bottom Boat Tour Coral Cruise 

It has been about a month since I've been back from Australia but there is still so much I want to share about my trip. I have quite a few posts waiting to be published so if you are interested, keep checking back!

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  1. Beautiful island and lovely pictures of your.

  2. Beautiful pictures
    Amazing Island :)

  3. Lovely snapshots!


  4. Excelent pictures!!!

  5. Wow! That looks like a paradise Jana! And oh!, you look lovely on that bikini :)
    Karen @

  6. Lovely holiday! I'm in Australia, but in Victoria. The islands are just magnificent! You are so lucky!

    1. Thank you Amber! I just checked your blog - love it! :) x

  7. I wanna go there! Such a fun vacation xoxo

  8. What a beauty! You are very lucky to be there. <3


  9. Those photos are super beautiful. Love, love, love your bikini.

  10. Beyond beautiful!
    Kisses from Miami,