Tallinn Christmas market, Estonia

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tallinn Christmas Market has been a big number one on my To-Do List and I can now finally cross it off! I lived most of my life in a small town in south of Estonia called Valga. I couldn't always be bothered to travel to Tallinn, as it took 4 hours by bus - you would basically spend half of your day on public transport. In Valga there was never much going on so I spent Christmas at home. If I did visit bigger cities or go traveling through the country, I usually did it in the summer time. Winters are extremely cold in Estonia so I was never a big fan of the outdoors in the colder months. 

Ever since moving to Manchester and getting a glimpse of the fairytale atmosphere at the Christmas markets I have been dreaming of visiting Tallinn during the winter. Tristan and I booked our holidays for one week in Estonia and we decided to start our trip with Tallinn. 

Tallinn Christmas market is held on the Town Hall Square and surrounded by the beautiful old town. Sadly, it didn't snow while we were there. I really hoped it would as it would have been a little bit more Christmasy. Everything did look super cute though! The Christmas tree was nicely decorated and little stalls were full of handmade crafts and traditional Estonian food and drink. There was also a stage for performances, so every weekend from November to January the square is ready for entertainment. Around the market there are many cosy restaurants where you can pop in for a nice meal. We had our dinner at a Medieval Grill House restaurant called Revalia and the sparkly market was in full view of our window seat.

It is not the best Christmas market in the world but if you ever want to visit Tallinn during the winter time, it is good to plan it around December or in very early January. The market will still be there and you might even have a white Christmas!

I hope you are all having a lovely New Years Eve and I wish you an amazing New Year!

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  1. That looks like such a nice market! Great images!