Photo Blogging Challenge: Games

Saturday, January 31, 2015

This year I thought I'd practice my photography skills, so I am taking part in a Photo Blogging Challenge by PJ from A'lil Hoohaa.


The idea is to take photos that match a theme throughout the month and post your five favourite pictures on the last day of the month. There is no rule on equipment - you can use a mobile phone, film, point-and-shoot or DSLR if you wanted to.

This months theme was 'Games'. It was actually quite hard for me to be creative with this word so I took it literally.

1. Pikachu

Tristan and I own a Wii U and we play games every now and then. I am learning to play Super Smash Bros. There are so many different characters but I find Pikachu super, super cute so I always pick him. So here we are, beating the red team.

2. Sims 4

Yep, I am playing Sims! My secret is exposed. If I'm having a lazy weekend I like to stay in my pyjamas, relax, eat chocolate and play Sims. For hours. Sims 4 came out in September last year, close to my birthday, so Tristan got it for me as a present. 

3. Birds

Near my work there is a big field where football training is held almost every week, mostly when it is sunny. Seagulls are the only ones playing in the morning.

4. Dominoes

Before Tristan and I started dating, I remember clearly one evening we decided to play Dominoes. I ended up losing one piece but I'm too sentimental to replace it.

5. Saboteur 

Saboteur is a card game I haven't played for years. It reminds me of my uni years, friends and summer. Unfortunately, I can't remember much of the rules but this photo challenge has encouraged me to take them out of the drawer and plan a game night with friends and family. 

If you are interested in seeing what other people have come up with and how they spent their fun January in 'Games' check out this PJ blog post

I am ready for February's theme!

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  1. Great job on this month's theme! I like the different games and such. Cool show with the laptop. And Saboteur is a game I've wanted to play, but haven't yet. I might have to pick it up to try it out. I really like the domino shot, too.

  2. So glad you've joined in. Dominoes is always a favourite and given the story you told, I absolutely understand why you'd want to hold onto this set with the missing piece! The photo of all the seagulls on the football field is fantastic - so glad you included that one to really mix things up. Looking forward to seeing your take on February's theme...whatever that may be!

  3. I like Pokemon and Sims

  4. When my kids were little, they loved to play pokemon! Oh the memories!! :)

  5. My kids have played plenty of Super Smash Bros. Since I have plenty of kids, I've never played with them.
    Dominoes are a great game, even when you are missing a piece. :)
    I especially like the soccer shot. I've spent too many hours to count on soccer fields, but we've never had sea gulls on ours!

  6. Have to admit I'm not familiar with the Pikachu, Saboteur or Sims games. But I do recognize Dominos! And I really love the clouds in your shot of the football field. Nice selection of games