Photo Blogging Challenge: Winter

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I am taking part in a Photo Blogging Challenge created by PJ at A'lil Hoohaa. This months theme was 'Winter', so I will get straight to the point and share my pictures. 

Winter sun. Nothing beats the Manchester sky on the sunny day, especially when it's winter. I love to take pictures of the sun - every single detail comes out and these trees are just so sharp and beautiful.

Snowdrops. Where else could you find snowdrops in February but Manchester!?

C vitamin. For me winter is all about cozy slippers, warm clothes and lemon water. 

Wrapped up. I don't think it has been under -5 degrees this month but it has still been freezing cold! I hate cold and a strong wind always makes it worse, so I am properly protected by my big hood and a scarf around my neck.

Manchester has been absolutely snow free this month but I don't think it's only the snow which makes it 'winter'. For me, it's eating cheesecake, drinking tea and watching TV shows under the blanket. You can hear the wind, you know it's cold out there, maybe even snowing but you feel good being warm at home.

Just to make clear - it does snow here once a year. This winter it snowed towards the end of January. This picture is not part of the 'Winter' Challenge but I couldn't help but post it.

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  1. Kus kandis sa Manchesteris elad? :)

  2. I so enjoyed your photos of the winter of my favourite things about winter is that the low sun angle makes the golden hour last all day long! Those snowdrops are gorgeous. And thanks for including your snowfall photo from January - does it really only snow there once/year?

  3. The pictures of the winter sun are great! They really bring out a nice contrast of colors! :)

  4. These are so great... the tea one is awesome! And wow the sun on that first one - WOW. And the snow drops - how very beautiful. So funny, I don't think cheesecake when I think winter. But if winter is cheesecake, I say bring it on!

  5. I love the two pictures of trees, I think bare trees are definitely very wintery! The snow drops are so pretty, Leeds doesn't get any nice flowers!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  6. I liked your shots. The most interesting, at least to me, is the slippers shot. I think it really sums up the winter feel for the theme very nicely.

  7. Snowdrops are such pretty flowers.

    I agree with Paul. We all chose outside photos, when really, so much of winter is spent inside in our cozy clothes and slippers.

  8. Those photos look amazing, the snowdrops look so beautiful! xx

    Sara Wallflower

  9. Such amazing photography lovely, really enjoyed reading through. How are you coping in the cold? It's been freezing in London and I can NOT hack it :)


  10. I love being all wrapped up in a cozy blanket listening to the winter wind blow outside. But your snowdrops have given me a touch of spring fever!

  11. Nice photos, thanks for sharing.

  12. Wowwwwww! I love your blog! I hope you will like mine.

  13. Good group of photos for this month!

    I wish we didn't get so much snow. Though one thing you said is so true -- the winter sky. If you can get a good and clear sunny day during the winter, the blue of the sky always seems to pop more and can truly be awesome.

    I like the "life" feel to your set of photos this month, too. It kind of gives us a glimpse into your world, while still covering the theme very well.