Photo Blogging Challenge: Two

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I am taking part in a Photo Blogging Challenge created by PJ at A'lil Hoohaa. As the Photo Blogging Challenge turns two in March, the theme this time is Two.


Tristan and I live next to a canal and we are totally aware of who lives there. Every morning I hear goose 'honks' and duck 'quacks' before going to work. They are so noisy! Swans are quiet and most of the time just peacefully swim around. 

...and the intruder. 

If there's another waterbird coming close they softly hiss or make weird snoring sounds. Clearly this doesn't help, so the chasing starts. I've never seen swans doing this before so it was actually quite funny to watch.

Dinner for two.

This is a lamb curry with rice and naan bread. Milk is amazing with spicy food, it helps to relieve the burning feeling.


Tristan spins fire with others in Manchester and invited me along. These girls stood out with their colourful LED hula hoops. I got some pretty good shots and I can't wait to go again!

It was a challenging month - I was struggling to get my five pictures. Number '2' really didn't show up much for me this month. Hopefully the next one will be easier!

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  1. Those hula hoop pictures... WOW!!!! They are so pretty and creative - they turned out fantastic! And the Naan.... mmmMMMMMmmmmmmmm! Those swans almost remind me of a heart the way they are positioned. Your photos are beautiful!

  2. I think you did pretty well! I love the hula shots - I've never seen that before and you captured those perfectly. I do love the two swans though! Great!

    1. Thank you, Jay! My favourite are the hula shots too!

  3. Neat pictures! The first one is my favorite, but I'm not exactly sure why. It has a lot of cool elements like the reflections, the contrast of the dark water and white swans, and the different angles going on. Nice composition!

    And those LED hula hoops pics are cool. They kinda look like psychedelic snail shells! :D

  4. I think you did very well with the theme, so don't sell yourself short here. Food photos are always interesting when done well which yours was.

    I am interested in knowing what naan bread is?

    1. Thanks, Paul! Naan bread is like a flatbread - :) It's good with curry!

  5. Those pictures with the LED lights are super cool!

  6. I love reading all the different interpretations of the prompts each month. Love the "dinner for two" and wish I'd thought of it!! Those hula hoops are amazing! And who doesn't love swans?! :-)

  7. I'm a fan of any lightpainting, long exposure attempts. You did great with the hula hoops.