My 25 Favourites

Thursday, April 23, 2015

01. Favourite word: 'Really'.
02. Favourite season: Summer. There is nothing better than a beautiful sunny day. 

03. Favourite time of day: Evening, when I can spend time with Tristan after work. I just hate mornings.  
04. Favourite holiday: Christmas.
05. Favourite colour: Yellow.
06. Favourite song: Chandelier by Sia. I could listen to it 24 hours in a row.
07. Favourite food: Depends, if I am at home I usually cook something healthy - avocado and egg on rye bread. If I am eating out, I love having a steak burger and chips.
08. Favourite dessert: Tiramisu.
09. Favourite snack: Oranges.

10. Favourite drink: Aloe Vera juice. 
11. Favourite cocktail: Mojito.
12. Favourite book: Hamlet by Shakespeare.
13. Favourite flower: Lily of the valley or white roses.
14. Favourite perfume: Flower by Kenzo.
15. Favourite car: Peugeot RCZ.
16. Favourite TV show: The Blacklist. Arrow. The 100. Revenge. The Flash.

17. Favourite sport: To watch - football. To play - tennis.
18. Favourite piece of jewellery: My DKNY rose gold watch.
19. Favourite piece of clothing: Dresses. Any dress.
20. Favourite style: 60's.
21. Favourite celebrity: Hayden Panettiere.
22. Favourite city: Sydney.  
23. Favourite animal: Cat.
24. Favourite restaurant: Hawksmoor. Jamie's Italian.
25. Favourite body part: Chest. 

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  1. Cool. Had fun reading this ♥

    Please check out my latest post, too. And if you want, let's follow each other's blog and IG? Would love to have a new friend here ♥

  2. fun! I like getting to know people through tags like this. =D I am very similar to you…I prefer to eat healthier at home but if I dine out then I definitely splurge on something like a burger! =)

    1. Thank you Nancy! I love reading people tags too - it's nice to find things in common with people x

  3. It's so fun reading these! My favorite animal is a cat, I play tennis, love 60s style and am obsessed with dresses. Basically you have amazing taste ;)