Photo Blogging Challenge: Anything Goes

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This month has been photography-quiet for me so I am really happy with the theme 'Anything Goes', as all of my pictures were taken the same day. My friend organised a barbecque on Sunday afternoon at her place. It was nice to see old friends and spend some quality time outside. We grilled some meat and burgers, people baked cakes, brought snacks and the weather was just lovely! A couple of cats also paid a visit and one in particular got the most attention.

Some snacks

Liam and Marianne (The Hostess)

The cat smelled BBQ...

...and got a piece of BBQ

Seb gave him some love too

I am looking forward to next month. It's probably going to be much busier, so hopefully I'll have the opportunity to get my camera out more.

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  1. Good set of shots for this challenge. It's always nice to have a theme like this when you don't get to the camera much. The snacks look yummy!

  2. The cat smelled barbeque and got some... HA HA HA!!!!! That is the BEST. Marianne looks like Linda McCartney... has she ever heard that? She and the picture are beautiful. And the SNACKS... What IS that? Yum! Your photos are wonderful :)

  3. Looks like a good time was had by everyone....especially the cat! Love the kitty eyes in the third shot.

  4. Between your words and your photos, it's almost like we had the chance to go the the BBQ with you. Thanks for sharing a special afternoon/evening with us.

  5. Love the cat's expression in that 4th shot!

  6. Nice looking shots. Great color and clarity. Almost felt like I could reach in and try to sample one of the snacks.

  7. I don't know what those olive snacks are but my mouth is watering. Thanks for sharing.