OOTD - Casual Saturday

Monday, July 27, 2015

I like to wear super comfy outfits most of the time. A hoodie, sweatpants and Toms are my best friends when it has been raining outside. 

I bought my black and maroon jacket from the eBay Asos outlet for £15 (RRP £40). It looks good with everthing - sporty clothes, casual clothes or even with a dress! My hoodie is from Primark and my sweatpants are from Promod. Each time I go to Debenhams, I can never miss their little Promod section. There's never too much to choose from but every now and then I find some really nice clothes. 

This outfit was dressed up a bit with some make up. I don't usually wear anything on my face on Sundays but I made an exception this time.

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