Photo Blogging Challenge: Happy

Thursday, October 01, 2015

I didn't take part in the Photo Blogging Challenge in August which had the theme 'Rule of Thirds' as I didn't quite understand the concept. I've decided that I will push myself a bit more next time, as otherwise there's no challenge!

September's theme though was 'Happy'.

In September, Tristan and I visited Estonia. He booked a stay in a 5 star hotel for my birthday - I couldn't resist taking a mirror selfie.


I love when they put little flowers on your plate at restaurants.


My Dad got me my favourite flowers for my birthday. Yellow is my favourite colour. 

Marianne took me out in Manchester to have my first ever British afternoon tea.

This guy here makes me the happiest girl in the world!

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  1. A great set of photos to show happy! The food looks awesome and how was afternoon tea? Not being in England, I've always wondered about it. The cat also looks like it is enjoying the yellow flowers! :D

    On a side note, with the challenges, I'm going to try and get the Facebook group more active so people can talk about the theme during the month -- especially the challenging ones!

    1. Thank you P.J. :) Afternoon tea has been one of my best English experiences - it's not something you would do every weekend though.
      I would love for the FB group to be more active!

  2. I love all your images, they all look good and work well as a set of photographs together.
    I like how you have brown, cream and yellow tones running through all your five shots and I like the textures in your second shot, you've done these really well.

  3. LensClare said what I was've got a great element of similar colours running through your set of photos this month which really unifies them. Belated Happy Birthday!