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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

There is one special place left that I've not posted about from our Estonian travels, the historic little town of Viljandi. It is only an hour drive away from my hometown and we chose to spend my mums birthday there, wandering around the ruins of Viljandi castle. I also wanted to show Tristan more of Estonia and even though it was a windy and rainy day, I think he enjoyed our day trip!

Viljandi Suspension Bridge leads straight to the ruins. 
Dad is testing out the strength of the bridge.
I made Tristan stand next to the ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle for proof of how massive the ruins actually are.
All that's left are just a few stone walls.

 View of the lake
St. John's Church

After our walk we headed to an Italian restaurant called Cassata to celebrate my mums birthday. My mum had never had Tiramisu before and wanted to try it because I've talked about it so much. Sadly it isn't sold in her local supermarket and she has never been to Italy, so I had to take her to the next best thing. The restaurant was very basic but the food and service was really nice. My mum had pizza and Tiramisu (very Italian) and the rest of us had schnitzel and cheesecake.

 Tristan's hand craft.

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