2015 - Did I succeed?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I can't believe 2015 is almost over! At the beginning of the year I wrote down 9 goals I wanted to achieve, so here's a quick review of how I've done this year.

Get a better job This was one of the main goals I really wanted to achieve in 2015. I am so happy I did it!
Continue my Russian studies I didn't realise how having a full time job would leave me with so little time to do anything else. I haven't had the chance to continue my studies at college but I have been trying to learn more on my own.
Spend more time with my friends and family I spent such a great week in Estonia with my family and also had the chance to catch up with some old friends. Tristan and I also kept in contact with both sides of our families and talked with them almost every day.
Eat healthy  I've been eating quite healthily throughout the year and have made improvements but I know I can do better.   
Get fit I've been exercising as often as I can but have also noticed that with the days getting shorter I have lost my motivation. I joined a gym this Autumn and am trying my hardest to find the time to work out. 
Take a trip to America I didn't manage to visit America but I still had the chance to travel to a few new places in 2015. 
Save money I've done much better than I thought I would. Tristan and I have made a couple of plans for the future and I am excited to start saving money properly!
Be more organised and productive Keeping a diary, making lists and having a calendar have made my life so much more organised. Every Sunday or Monday I am planning my week and writing down little tasks. I never thought that having a notebook would help me to become more productive. 
Blog more Sadly, I haven't been blogging as much I would have liked. I've been working more on the appearance of my blog lately and after some help from Tristan it looks much more professional! 

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