Goals for 2016

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

It is time to set another 9 goals I would like to achieve by the end of 2016. My resolutions in 2015 were pretty good, hopefully I'll be as successful this year.

  1. Save money - I need to get serious about money. This is my main goal for 2016 and to achieve it I have to get super organised. Maybe it's time to download a good budget app on my tablet?
  2. Exercise at least 6 times a week - Last year my goal was to ''get fit'' but I don't think I fully understood the meaning of it. This time I am going to approach it a bit differently. Instead of getting stressed with ''I have to get fit'', I am going to concentrate more being strong and healthy. To make my workouts more fun, I might try things like dancing, yoga, pilates or even trampoline fitness.
  3. Come up with healthy recipes - I eat healthy most of the time but once I get bored with the same recipes, I start craving bad foods (donuts and McDonald's). I've decided to keep track of what I eat each day on my phone and write down any new recipes I come up with in a notebook.
  4. Read books - I can't remember the last time I read a book. Tristan and I have so many interesting books sitting on our bookshelf and I've hardly even touched half of them. I'm thinking of getting a few Estonian ebooks for my iPad, once I've finished reading what we already have at home.
  5. Be more creative - I have decided to devote a few days a month to creating something, whether it is writing a blog post, crafting or photography doesn't matter.
  6. Start making videos - I always liked making videos so I thought I'd start experimenting a bit more with my camera. I don't think I'll be making ''youtube videos'' but just small clips or vlogs when I am doing something fun.
  7. Get back to fashion - It has been a long time since I've gone out and took some outfit pictures. I started this as a fashion blog but I've been drifting away from it a lot lately. It feels like I only write about food! It's not a bad thing but I miss Tristan being my fashion photographer.
  8. Stick to my plans - Most of the time, I give up really easily. If it's raining outside I start to complain and cancel all of my plans. I recently downloaded an app called Productivity which helps to set small goals throughout the year that I think will be useful.
  9. Travel/discover more of England - I've been living in England for five years now and I still haven't seen as much of it as I would like to have. I want to plan more weekend trips and travel around the UK, I'm aiming to visit five cities this year.

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