I'm back // My redundancy

Friday, June 10, 2016

I am finally back after being away from blogging for 5 months!

I have not been writing for several reasons. Last year in November, I was made redundant from my administrative job in a textile company. The news that I had to start looking for a new job crushed me totally. I had no time and was not in the mood to take pictures or write about anything other than how miserable I felt. Tristan was so supportive and so were my parents too of course, they all did everything to cheer me up and kept me positive while I was job hunting.

After 3 months of countless interviews, I was offered an administrative position at a finance company. Over the first few days, I felt like I could handle it but I realised shortly that it just wasn't really for me. I stayed there for three weeks and those were the longest three weeks of my life. I didn't hate going to work but at the same time I wasn't happy either. I have no idea how my luck suddenly turned around - I got a call offering me a role at an IT company. I didn't even blink - I said yes straight away.

Starting a new job has always been hard for me. I have to be 100% committed and I didn't have any time left for much else. I promised myself that I wouldn't start blogging again until I was completely confident and comfortable in my job. I also wanted to take this time to re-organise my life and just think about what I wanted to do in the future.

I have now been working in the role for roughly 4 months and I have a whole new perspective on things. Before I was made redundant, I imagined that maybe this would be my career path. Sometimes things happen for a reason though - I am on a whole new path now and I am pretty excited!

I love blogging. Writing about what I am up to and sharing it with the world makes me happy. Blogging is my hobby and I just couldn't give it up! 

I am back just in time to celebrate my 3 year blog anniversary this month. Happy birthday, blog!

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