Tassikoogid // Estonia

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

I was on holiday in Estonia towards the end of May this year and tried to visit as many places as I could for the short time I was there. I found out a new cafe had opened in Tartu so I decided to check it out! The cafe is called Tassikoogid which means 'cupcakes' in English and is located a short distance from the city centre which makes it even more worth a visit. The cafe itself looks like a house from the outside and has a vintage feel to it. All of their cupcakes are handmade and prepared on site.

I took my mum and dad out with me for a sweet lunch. There were quite a few options to choose from but we decided to go for cherry and chocolate cupcakes. They tasted very light and fluffy, even though the icing was very buttery.

I recommend a visit - especially if you are craving a cup of coffee or tea with a cheeky cake

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