Goodbye, summer!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

I feel like summer has gone by too quickly - I am really sad to say goodbye to these beautiful long days and start getting used to gray weather again! 

I've had a couple of health problems recently (nothing serious!) so I have been a bit lazy and haven't been up to much. I also got a cold last month which lasted about two weeks, so it was another few days until I started to feel better. I am not ill very often, so when it happens it takes a while to recover!

Summer hasn't been very exciting this year, I would say pretty typical English weather. Not that I am complaining - I think it has been less rainy than usual but the temperature has just been very low. Most of the time I was wearing long trousers and a light jacket, so these couple of pictures will pretty much cover my whole summer outfit. 

So here I am, wearing a Primark top and cardigan, Tommy Hilfiger smart trousers and Ella Cruz espadrilles. This backpack is from Matt & Nat but unfortunately I don't have a picture with a very good angle to describe how lovely it actually looks! 

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