Nursery room ideas - 3 favourite styles

Monday, October 16, 2017

I am now more than half way through my pregnancy, so I think it's time to start thinking about how to decorate our nursery. As we are renting we are a bit limited in what we can do but I have been browsing Pinterest for the past couple of weeks to put together a small collage of ideas.

I am a big fan of the Scandinavian interior style; I like natural tones, clean prints and simplicity. The highlight of this room is definitely the
Rocking Sheep. This particular rocking sheep is by Danish designer POVL KJER. Their products are amazing but are unfortunately a little higher than my budget. I've seen similar handmade rocking sheep in some Estonian shops and would probably consider getting one from there. 

Nursery - Nordic 

Traditional might also be a nice style to choose - light and simple furniture with just a bit of colour to brighten up the room. I like the combination of orange and green and think they would be a great colour match for the nursery. I found a Buzz Bouncing Cradle at Mamas & Papas which suits the whole look perfectly, plus I can imagine how much fun would the baby have with it!

Nursery - Simple

Lastly, nothing beats cute and cosy. Fluffy pillows; sheep wool; lots of cuddly toys and warm colours would make the nursery a favourite place to be. I'd love to designing some cute wall art for the room but obviously we have to find an alternative, so some paintings could do the job just as well. I picked these Born Lucky prints with Igloo and Wigwam, because aren't they the cutest designs ever!?

Nursery - cosy

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