Second trimester update

Sunday, December 10, 2017

As I am now in my third trimester, I thought I'd give you a little update on how the baby and I have been. The second trimester has been the most enjoyable part of my pregnancy so far; my morning sickness has passed and my appetite is back!

Second trimester scan
Around my 20th week I had an anomaly scan to check if the baby was developing normally and that there weren't any complications. Everything was good and no problems were found! Of course it was also an opportunity to find out who we were expecting. For some reason I had the feeling that I was going to have a boy but when we were told it was going to be a girl, Tristan's face just lit up! He really wanted to have a girl first.

Antenatal appointments
I have been seeing my midwife at my local health centre more regularly and up until now everything has been great. She has been doing all of the regular checks, listening to the baby's heartbeat and giving me advice. I have had my flu shot, my whooping cough vaccine and have organised childbirth classes and maternity leave so I have everything in order!

Changes in my body
Towards the end of my second trimester, I finally started putting on more weight. I feel kind of happy saying 'finally' because until my 24th week, I'd not really seen any major change. I didn't show much either and without an obvious bump people were even questioning if I was actually pregnant!

I've found it hard to shop for maternity clothes, too. For most of my pregnancy I have been wearing oversized and very loose tops, cardigans and jumpers. I am also using a hairband to get more life out of my jeans and trousers.

Health wise, I haven't had heartburn or any kind of sensitivity or bleeding on my gums, which my dentist warned me about. Hopefully this doesn't change! Unfortunately I have had some mild swelling in my ankles and feet, as well as a couple of cases of leg cramps during the night.

I started feeling the baby move at about the 22 week mark. I've noticed a pattern when she most active. She does not kick very strongly but she is very energetic. There have been a few quiet days and as I am a heavy sleeper she luckily doesn't often wake me up when she's moving around.

We have been thinking about baby names for a while and think we have found a perfect first and middle name.

I haven't had any weird cravings although I am more attracted to sugar (cakes, muffins, cupcakes, fruit tarts) than something savoury. 
My favourite food to snack on has been tomato, cucumber and radish salad mixed with some Greek yogurt or mayonnaise and herbs like dill or chives. I don't get tired of eating it at all!

First Purchases
During the second trimester, Tristan and I had slowly been buying baby stuff. I wanted to document our baby's special moments, so I bought a cute Millie & Boris record book. I can't wait to start filling it in! Before the third trimester we'd bought baby clothes and furniture (a cot and a changing table) for the nursery but that was about it. I felt like it was a bit too early and I wanted to avoid useless purchases. One thing I did buy for myself that has been useful has been a pregnancy pillow. As my bump has been growing, it has become more difficult to sleep comfortably. I can keep using it after the baby is born but at the moment I can say it has been worth it! Now that I'm on my third trimester, we've been thinking a lot more about what to buy and getting more organised.

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