Moving to Australia // we are moving next month!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Over a month has passed now since I posted about getting ready to leave and we can finally say that we will be arriving in Australia next month! We've been super productive so here's a quick moving update.

  • Packed boxes - Our main goal was to sort out everything we wanted to take with us and pack things away as soon as possible, as we had to book a moving company and give them an approximate size and number of boxes to pick up. There are still things left to sort out but we hope to have our boxes picked up at the beginning of next month. Hopefully they'll get there by the time we have our own place. 
  • Tristan found a job - Can I just say at first how proud I am of him! He started looking for a job about a month ago, almost immediately received a positive response and they set up a job interview with him via Skype. He did so well, they wanted another Skype interview and offered him a position at the end of that call. Luckily he has some time off once we arrive, so we can slowly settle in and spend some time together as a family before he is back to work again 😭
  • I have been looking for jobs - I've been doing a lot of research and built a list of interesting jobs and companies I like. It is difficult to apply for anything right now, as technically my visa is not yet active (I need to be in the country to get it activated first). I would love to continue my career in the motion picture/distributor industry but I am also open to new things! 
  • Started cancelling bills/contracts/flat lease - We can't make too much progress yet on this as we have to wait until the end of the month to cancel services like electricity and water, as the notification period for cancelling contacts are usually 30 days. We have however managed to cancel our council tax and speak to our landlord to end our lease. Tristan has a couple of items left (his phone contact and a few subscriptions) and on my list there's only Netflix, which to be honest I will not miss much. 😐
  • Applied for my UK learners license - We thought it would be a smart move as I can swap my UK license for an Australian one almost immediately + Tristan is really encouraging me to learn how to drive, so I just need to get into the habit of reading/watching/learning about driving for a few hours every other day.
  • Donating more furniture/clothes/Saskia's toys - This has been an ongoing process for months now. We have a few friends/family who will be taking some of the furniture we don't donate or sell. I took a lot of Saskia's old books and toys and donated them a few weeks ago and also gifted some away to my friend who had her baby at the beginning of the year. Tristan and I have been clearing out our wardrobe and have been trying to think as smart as possible. As we arrive in Australia during the summer, I have kept most of my light clothing and shoes. The winter in Australia isn't so cold so I'm leaving all my thick coats and jumpers behind.
  • Researched potential suburbs to live - We have done some research on and picked out a few suburbs that we found the most appealing. Tristan will be working in the city centre and we are trying to keep his travel time around 30 minutes.
  • Watched Brisbane vlogs on Youtube - This has been a fun activity which has also been helping me get familiar with the Aussie lifestyle. We've discovered that there aren't as many videos of Brisbane around as we thought but the ones we have watched have given me a few tips about the city and have me very excited about the move!

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